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Motivation & Leadership

This is an important area of training for everyone in an organization. What seems to be a moral science to many people, after completion and commencement of training the outcome is beyond imagination. Motivation creates leadership skills and sense of responsibility. It enables a person to utilize their strength and overcome weaknesses.

16 Aug 2022

Personality Development & Grooming

This training covers the understanding of what is Personality? What are personality traits? How to develop Personality? Personal Grooming for Men & Women which includes corporate dressing power dressing etc. This training also covers uncovering secrets of public speaking skills and high impact communication.

20 Aug 2022

Life Skill Coaching

Introduction to Life Skills, importance of life skills for every individual, life skills used by corporate world, positive thinking, goal setting, assertiveness, time management, stress management, analytical skills. The training is very useful to everyone as it builds confidence and enables one with more focused approach.

22 Aug 2022

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