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Customer Services Training

Modules include emphasis on what is customer services? Role of customer services representative, customer services on phone, types of customers, etc. The training develops confidence in trainees to serve clients better. Practical examples & role plays make the training interesting and easy to understand.

13 Aug 2022

Process Training (Services | Products)

Process training is a services or product specific training for employees of companies to make them understand SOP and operational know how in a lucid manner. The information is general but the art of imparting the training makes it efficient. The training improves the performance and reduces the chances of errors.

14 Aug 2022

Human Resource Training

Human Resource Training covers areas of Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Development, Practical HR Processes such as process of recruitment & selection, onboarding process, performance appraisal, gender sensitizing, inventory management, attendance and leave records and much more.

15 Aug 2022

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